State of the Art Cleaning Disinfecting Services


Waiting Rooms and Waiting Areas

Out of sight is out of mind. With recent health scares we are all reminded that this is not the case. What we can’t see can harm us. If you are a provider of services with a private or public waiting area, you need to be aware of what needs to be done on a regular basis and be able to do it yourself, or hire a professional service.

The waiting areas can be a hotbed of pathogens. Every surface that’s touched by a person may becomes a vessel for contamination and the spread of diseases. With people constantly coming and going, how do you ensure that your waiting area stays as clean as possible?


These areas require a high level of hygiene as they accommodate both those who are most likely to transmit harmful pathogens and those who are most susceptible to them. 

Besides having State of the Art Cleaning handle the disinfecting services for you, there are some simple things that you should be doing.

  • Keep you waiting areas organized and clean.
  • Have ample garbage bins available and emptied on a regular basis.
  • Remove items that cannot be easily disinfected.
  • Schedule multiple cleanings during each day or shift.
  • Encourage hand hygiene.

Not sure about all this, call us today.

It’s more important now than ever to clean, sanitize and disinfect high traffic areas. We have the expertise and experience to handle  your business.

Office Spaces and Cubicles

Employees are valuable and the employer has an obligation to provide a safe and hazard free working environment.

Absenteeism hurts the bottom line and causes lower productivity. Poor office sanitizing helps spread illnesses, which can infiltrate an office environment in a matter of days. Poor office sanitizing can be especially problematic in a shared work environment where desks, and chairs are in close proximity and can be touched by multiple people and visitors.



Having State of the Art Cleaning disinfect your office space with our state-of-the-art sanitizing services on a regular schedule can make all the difference. We use a two-step system to office sanitizing protocol. First, we disinfect the entire office, including desks, chairs, rugs, and anything else that may be shared by multiple people. Our office sanitizing protocol provides hospital-clean results. Our second step is crucial – it extends the effects of our office sanitizing for an extended period of time by applying a microbial application product, which helps control germs for months.

Increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and prevent illness from spreading in your office environment, call us today.